Simple Removal Cure For Warts By Rubbing Raw Potatoes On Them For Fast Treatment


Warts are unsightly and just plain nasty, so getting rid of them quickly is very desirable. While there are many over-the-counter medicines and surgery options for removing warts there are also natural home remedies that are freely available. Many of our readers ask for these remedies quite often, so we will show you how to use potatoes to cure warts naturally.

So, what exactly is a wart?


It is a small protruding bump that forms on the surface of the skin and can show up anywhere in the body. It is caused by a virus related to humans called papillomavirus. The most common strain of STD is the (HPV) human papillomavirus virus.

Rubbing Raw Potato Remedy On Wart Removal Treatment


There are different techniques used in applying the potato wart cure. Techniques like rubbing method where you rub the potato on the wart. Another popular method that is being used is by using the potato skin to treat the wart infection. Here are some step by step methods for each cure.

Method 1:  Potato Rubbing


1.) Cut a raw potato in half.

2.) Rub half of the potato on the wart, ensuring any juice from the potato is transferred to the wart.

3.) Let the skin dry thoroughly before continuing with normal activity.

4.) Repeat this process three times a day for best results.

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Method 2:  Potato Skin Band-Aid


1.) Peel the skin off of a potato big enough to cover your wart.

2.) Lay the potato peel (smooth cut side down) on the wart.

3.) Apply a band-aid to secure the potato peel in place.

4.) You should change the peel and the band-aid once a day for best results.

Warning: This Method Takes About Two Weeks Before You See Any Real Results!

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Types of Warts Treated by the Potato Home Remedy

Potatoes can treat plantar warts, flat head warts, eyelid warts, genital warts, forehead warts, finger warts, hand warts, and many others.

While there are other natural methods used for removing warts, methods like using milk of milkweed, dandelions, banana mash, apple cider vinegar, basil, vitamin C and so on. The potato rub and skin methods seem to be the most popular methods still in use today.

Where Did This Cure Come From?

Before we get to the potato cure here is a brief bit of history explaining where the cure came from in the first place. This is based partly on superstition and partly on actual science.

Long ago the tradition was to cut a potato in half. You buried one half in the garden, threw if over your shoulder or some other weird practice and then rubbed the other half of the potato on the wart invoking an incantation or reciting a wart removal prayer.

How Long Do Potatoes Take To Remove A Wart?


Just use one of the Potato cure methods outlined above and in about two weeks you will see the wart starting to die off. This time may vary depending on the type and size of the wart(s).

No matter what type of warts you have on your body, they can be removed naturally without painful surgery or scarring using this very old home remedy that is safe for your skin and easy on your pocket book.

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