Does Garlic Work As A Cure To Get Rid Of Plantar And Other Types Of Warts?


There is no doubt that warts, especially at the wrong places can be a very embarrassing and serious problem. They are stubborn and do not easily go away.

You may have heard of using surgical removal or wart removal products, but are worried about possible side effects and costs.

What's the next best alternative? A natural cure... but, does it work?​

Can All Natural Garlic Kill Warts?

Garlic for centuries has been used as a natural substance for treating various problems.

Garlic can provide noticeable results for common warts within about six to eight days.

Over the next few lines, we will try and find out how garlic can play a big role in removing warts.

Start With A Skin Sensitivity Test To Ensure You're Not Allergic


While there is no doubt that garlic has proven antiseptic and anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties it is quite strong and comes with a pungent odor. Hence before starting the treatment it would be better to go in for a simple skin sensitivity test.

All that is required is rubbing a bit of garlic into some part of the skin. If the person is allergic to it, that portion of the skin will become red and could also develop rashes. If this does not happen then it is safe to use the product. It can be used in spite of allergic reactions, but the rash will persist till the problem of wart is removed.

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Preparing The Area Is Important


Before going in for treatment, it is important to clean and sanitize the area. This should be done with a towel or cloth that is bleached and free from any wart virus. Any good antibacterial soap would be able to do the job well.

Once the area is sanitized it is important to dry the area including the wart. The cleaning again should be done with a clean and bleached towel to ensure elimination of wart viruses being present in the towels.

Applying The Garlic


The next important task is to apply the garlic over the wart area. One slice of garlic is enough and it should be crushed with a sanitized knife.

The crushed garlic should be placed on the wart and the juice should be allowed to sink in.

It could take anything between 2 to 4 minutes depending on the size of the wart and the place in which it is required. If you have multiple warts add more crushed garlic as necessary.

Wrapping & Protecting The Area


Once you have applied the garlic to your wart or warts, it's time to wrap them up. You should leave the garlic on the wart and cover it with a small bandage or tape.

Ensure the garlic doesn't move to non-infected areas of this skin as this could cause unwanted irritation. In addition, avoid using this process near any open cuts or wounds, as this could spread the wart virus to other areas of the skin.

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Repeat The Process

You should re-apply garlic and replace your bandage over your wart(s) at least twice a day. It will take approximately six to eight days to see noticeable results from this home cure.

Larger warts, wart clusters, and genital warts are difficult to treat with this method. It's highly advisable you use an over the counter wart remover with salicylic acid or speak to your doctor about freezing or surgical options.

How Long Does It Take Garlic To Remove My Warts?


The truth is warts are different for each and every person. They range in size, shape, and location.

Most individuals will notice the wart starting to die off within about six to eight days. It may take up to two weeks to a month before the wart is completely gone from the surface of the skin.

As with any other natural cure, garlic takes time to heal the skin.

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