Does Duct Tape Occlusion Therapy (DTOT) Remove Flat, Foot, And Other Warts?

Warts are unpleasant, unsightly, and very common to occur on the surface of the skin. Warts are caused by HPV (human papilloma virus). The appearance of warts can differ based on the type and where they are located in your body.

Warts that appear on your fingers are called common warts. Plantar warts show up on the soles of your feet. Genital warts are sexually transmitted disease and flat warts appear in places you shave frequently.


Grey duct tape is the most popular home remedy for treating warts. This method is called DTOT and it is highly effective to remove plantar warts.

In this method, wart sufferers cover their warts with duct tape. This process should be repeated till you get complete relief from warts. Sometimes, this method may take two months to cure this health problem completely.

Step-by-Step Process of DTOT

1.) Clean The Infected Area Of The Skin


By cleaning the wart and the skin surrounding it you will remove dirt and other debris.

This is essential to ensure the tape sticks and that you don't trap any unwanted bacteria under the tape.

2.) Dry Off The Skin With A Fresh Towel

Use a fresh towel to pat dry the wart(s). Make sure the area is completely dry before moving onto the next step. Any moisture that gets trapped under the duct tape will irritate the skin, and in severe cases create a fungal infection.

3.) Put Duct Tape Over The Wart


Cover your wart with a piece of GREY DUCT TAPE (not clear). The piece should fit the wart perfectly without any overlapping of non-infected skin areas.

Take your time and pressure the tape down firmly to ensure it adheres fully to your skin.

4.) Leave The Tape On The Wart For 6 Days

While six days may seem like a long time, no home wart removal method works overnight.

You should aim to keep the wart covered for six days with the same piece of duct tape. If the tape falls off before the six days is up, proceed with the steps below. But, aim for six days at a time for each new piece of tape.

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5.) Remove The Tape And Soak In Warm Water

Remove the duct tape from your wart and examine the area. You should see the wart starting to shrink in size and outer skin starting to die off. If you notice the area getting worse stop use immediately and contact your doctor.


Proceed to soak your wart in warm water for about five minutes. This will soften the skin and allow you to remove any hanging dead skin from the wart.

You should do this at night and allow your wart to fully dry off before re-applying the tape.

6.) Re-Apply The Duct Tape

Once your wart is completely dry cover the area with a fresh piece of duct tape. You want to repeat this process every six days until the wart is gone. Remember, you need to clean the wart every time you take the tape off and allow it to dry thoroughly before re-applying.

Why Does Duct Tape Works to Eliminates Warts?

Grey duct tape contains rubber based adhesive. (A different type of adhesive is used in clear duct tape, so it is not effective.) When you place grey duct tape on affected area, this adhesive will irritate your skin and provoke immune response.

This response is your immune system attacking the HPV (human papilloma virus) or wart virus. With time the immune system will rid your body of the wart(s).

History of DTOT Method

DTOT for curing warts originated from a study conducted in 2002. This study was conducted by Focht and it was published in Archives of pediatrics and Adolescent medicine in October. This article described the effectiveness of home remedy for warts. However, this method also is not free from criticism.

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