Crushed Aspirin Proven Plantar Warts Removal Remedy And Duct Tape

Many people believe that the only way to treat warts is to have a dermatologist freeze or burn them. The patients who tried that route know better. Even majority of dermatologists concur that wart treated by freezing, burning or electricity is likely to reappear, whereas those treated using aspirin seldom do. Below are aspirin –wart treatment methods that can assist you to remedy even your most stubborn warts:



Many folk treatments involve use of some type of oil. You have probably heard that daily application of vitamins E, A, cod liver or castor oil will treat warts. It’s true, they work.

However personally, I have not had too much of success with them. Aspirin is one remedy that has worked effectively and consistently for both my patients and I. I do not think you can call aspirin- use a natural method, however it works best. Take a look at the different methods:

Water and Aspirin

1.) Drop an aspirin tablet in a small glass of water.

2.) Mix the aspirin to make a thick, watery mixture.

3.) Apply the mixture to the wart(s) with a cotton swab. This will ensure proper precision during application. 

4.) Allow the infected area to dry before resuming normal activities.​

5.) Repeat this process twice daily until the entire wart is gone.

Aspirin and Adhesive Band

1.) Douse an aspirin tablet with water. (This can be difficult to keep the tablet intact, but you need an entire tablet for the next step.)

2.) Lay the tablet on the wart(s).

3.) Use an adhesive bandage to hold the aspirin tightly in place.

4.) Replace the aspirin once a day for three days straight.

5.) Remove the aspirin on day four. The wart will start to change to a darker color and die off of the skin over the next week or so.

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Aspirin and Duct Tape

1.) Crush up a tablet of aspirin.

2.) Apply the crushed mixture onto the wart and cover it with duct tape.

3.) Replace the aspirin and duct tape once a day.

4.) Repeat this process until the wart is gone.

*Note that with every aspirin-wart-remedy method discussed above, chances that you will have dry skin around your wart are high. If this happens, apply Vaseline gently around your wart to soften the area.

Duration taken for warts to disappear after treatment with aspirin

Normally, moist aspirin should be kept in contact with wart for 2 to 3 days. Remove the aspirin & in the next few to one week, your wart will change to a darker color and finally fall off.

What Types Of Warts Can Aspirin Cure?

You can use either aspirin wart removal method to cure flat warts, plantar warts, common warts, filiform warts, periungual warts.

History of wart removal using aspirin

Before settling on aspirin to remove warts, many people debated on using commercial drugs from drug stores and other natural remedies. However, all these failed dismally and were also a waste of time and money. These other types of wart removal methods did nothing to the warts, even after several repeated applications. Aspirin- wart treatment method has been effective because it’s cheap, easy to use and doesn’t have significant side effects.

Warts are very common and almost everybody seems to have come across them at some point in life. Most often, this ugly skin disease sneak up when one least expects them. Fortunately, aspirin has made wart remedy much easier and less expensive that most people think. Before heading to your pharmacy or doctor, have a look at your medicine cabinet. Aspirin will cure warts naturally.