What Do Genital Warts Feel Like

Are They Painful or Itchy?

itchy genitalsGenital warts can be both painful and itchy, causing discomfort throughout the day as well during intercourse.

If you have been diagnosed with genital warts it is highly recommended you take the necessary precautions when having intercourse, as you don’t want to infect your partner.

Why Do They Itch?

The itchiness of genital warts usually is due to their inconspicuous areas of infection. Around the penis, anus, or vagina will be extremely itchy because of clothes rubbing against them.

Genital warts found in internal regions of the body may cause slight discomfort during urination or bowel movements. However, they are less itchy than other infection sites because they are more difficult to irritate with regular movements, such as clothed regions.

Why are genital warts painful?

Genital warts are an overgrowth of your bodily tissues. Your nerves are irritated when the warts are touched. Think of them as any other part of the body, such as your arm. If you pinch your arm skin it will probably sting because of the nerves in your arm. Genital warts can be assumed as the same. When you rub against them or pinch them they will hurt.

During sex, the continued friction against the genital warts can cause pain. This pain can increase when warts are large enough to wrap around one another or form a cluster.

Removal of Genital Warts Without Pain or Scarring

There are several treatments for genital warts, each coming with their own side effects. Your doctor can prescribe medicine to remove the warts, or you can undergo surgical assistance to eliminate them. These common with obvious possible side effects.

There are also topical medications that can be applied at home. The success of these creams mainly depends on the severity of your case of genital warts. And some of these creams can cause discomfort, such as burning, itching, or edema. It’s best to talk to your doctor prior to utilizing any sort of topical cream to treat your warts.

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