Does Essential Lemon Juice Oil For Plantar Warts Help Remove These Skin Growths?

If you have warts and find it difficult to cure it then consider to use lemon to get effective results within a few days. It is a natural way so there is no fear of side effects. You can just start to apply lemon juice on the affected areas and within a few days you will notice significant improvements. Here are the some tips that can help you to know how lemons can be used for curing warts, the treatment procedure, and how long it will take for the complete recovery.


How long it takes to heal warts completely?

The simplest way of using lemons is to apply the juice of fresh lemons on warts three to four times in a day. In a day or two warts will be turned into black and within four weeks you will be completely cured.

Lemon Juice on Plantar warts

Lemon juice works effectively on plantar warts. If you start using Lemon juice immediately after noticing warts, you will get quick results. In fact, if you apply lemon juice on warts three to four times in a day soon after you notice its appearance; it will be disappeared within three to four days.

In some cases, plantar warts cannot be healed completely by every possible medical treatment such as surgery and freezing. But people have experienced its complete removal by using lemon juice only; lemon essential oil also helps to cure warts.

How to apply Lemon juice on the warts

This is a very simple procedure. Cut a lemon, squeeze it over a cotton ball, squeeze it until the cotton ball is not totally soaked with the juice and then apply it on the warts several times, do not rinse the juice off and keep it as it is. Repeat this procedure three to four times in a day. For getting better results, you can also apply a spoonful of chopped onions on warts and leave it for fifteen minutes. And after fifteen minutes you can remove the onion, but do not clean it with other cotton, just leave it and let it cure in a natural way. Onion boosts the efficiency of the lemon treatment.

If you are not familiar or do not like to apply lemon juice on warts then you can try another method, just have a mixture of half of a lemon juice and cup of water in every morning that increases your vitamin C intake and also improve your immune system that will ultimately help to heal your warts. This is a time taking procedure, but you can try this simple home remedy for getting rid of warts.

You can also make a paste with the combination of baking soda and lemon juice and can apply this on the affected area for two to three times in a week. That also helps in removing warts.

Lemon juice is considered highly beneficial in healing warts. Anyone who is suffering from warts can try this method for removing it in a natural way.