Does Aloe Vera Help To Remove Warts On The Body?

Aloe Vera is herbaceous plant, which has shown outstanding pharmaceutical capability in all types of treatment. In this text, we look at how aloe vera is used to remove warts simply and effectively without the need of a qualified health professional.

A wart is a general skin disease that is commonly triggered by viral infection. The Human Papilomavirus (HPV) is responsible for causing wart infections. Warts are common among children due to their frequent injuries and burns as they play outside and indoors. Injury, cuts and burns cites forms ideal sites for entry of HPV virus.

Aloe veral is a succulent herbaceous plant belonging to the Liliaceae family commonly known as the lily family. The word Aloe is derived from Arabic word alloeh that means radiance.


​Historical Background

The use of aloe vera to cure various health problems began in Egypt under the ancient Pharaoh Kingdom centuries of years ago. Aloe vera is found in Pharaoh tombs in Egypt as a confirmation of its use in ancient Egypt. The plant was supposedly used as a herbal cure for embalming mummies due to its excellent preservative properties as well as its preventative properties against respiratory diseases and tuberculosis.

Aloe vera emerged as a pharmacological agent in the ancient Sumerian dynasty around 1750 B.C. and later spread to Israel and Greece as a favorite for the expansionist emperors. The plant is rumored to be behind the glistening beauty of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt.

How Aloe Vera Is Used To Treat Warts

The procedures for removing warts using aloe vera are very simple. Applying aloe vera to treat warts is an easy, cheap and can be done at home.

Aloe vera can be obtained from various sources including naturally growing plants, buying an entire plant or its seeds and from home grown aloe vera. Treating warts with aloe vera does not require a big chunk of the plant, but just an enough part of its succulent and fleshy leaves for application on the affected skin for one week. The lower leaves of aloe vera are particularly recommended for treatment of warts because they are relatively older than the upper ones and hence their beneficial components are more potent.

After obtaining aloe veral leaves from whatever source, you begin the wart treatment procedures by getting rid of the thorns. Then you extract the entire pulp from the plant leaf and then rub it gently on the wart advisably twice every day or in a while. Some pulp can also be left on the wart but you should take caution by covering the wart with gauze. Aloe veral pulp or juice applied on warts should be entirely clean. A different clean cotton wool and net should also be used for applying aloe vera gel on the warts.

Alternatively, you can squeeze or drain aloe vera juice to dampen the wart. Much of aloe vera is lost in this process but the procedure might be more convenient.

Aloe vera juice can also ingested internally to kill wart infectious virus in the body. Intake of aloe vera gel can also minimize the growth of virus inside the body.

Recovery Time

Warts completely and disappear a few days after application of aloe vera. Aloe vera also prevents the recurrence of a wart infection after recovery.

Types of Warts Treatable with Aloe Vera

Warts are classified as flat, filiform, common or plantar warts. Aloe vera can effectively treat all categories of warts due to its anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-virus and anti-inflammatory properties. The plants antimicrobial property prevents the spread of the wart infectious microbes to other parts of the body and also manages the recovery process due to its anti-inflammatory property.

Quicker Results Are Possible!

Aloe Vera is a great option for a natural cure, however it can take some time to effectively eliminate warts from all over the body. If you are looking for an all natural cure that works within just a week or two we suggest using Wartrol.

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This is a wart elimination serum that works on all types of warts no matter where they are at on the body. With a simple drip application right to the head of the wart, Wartrol can penetrate deep into the infected skin. This means quicker results and clearer skin faster.