Coconut Oil For Plantar, Facial, and Genital HPV Warts Removal

Coconut is one of the most nutritional fruits and the coconut water is another best thing which is used to cure many disease and best for the calcium purpose. The most of the medicines for the skin and bones made by coconut and it’s water. We use to apply online in our hairs made up of coconut oil and this coconut oil is very essential for the hairs. There are lots of uses of coconut and it is also used to cure the warts. Here are the following ways of curing warts by coconut.


Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Warts:

Here are few ways to use coconut oil to get rid of warts.

* You can do gently massage over warts and make sure that the oil is warm. Massage your skin until your skin absorbs it.

* Another way to use coconut oil is to drink 2-3 tablespoon of coconut oil daily without any chemical addition.

* Apply little coconut oil to the sandpaper and rub it over the skin to remove the warts. It will affect the warts and will light them after sometime.

* You can use different coconut oil syrups to lighten the effect of warts and the uneven tone of your skin will become better.


To use the coconut oil in a proper way. First wash your face and dry it gently. Don’t apply any moisturizer before applying coconut oil to the face. On the warts apply the coconut oil with the help of cotton ball gently. Make sure to apply it in a warm form but not so warm that you will feel irritation on your skin. Gently massage on your skin with the finger tips till your skin absorbs all the oil. This will make your warts light and skin shiny.

Expected Result:

The expected result of the oil is in 2-3 months. After doing daily massage of your skin with a coconut oil and after drinking a coconut oil you will get results in 6 weeks. In 6 six weeks you will start noticing the lightness in your warts and your uneven skin tone will be fade. You will see shiny appearance over your skin in few weeks. Coconut oil is very effective when it comes to the warts and people are seeing the good results of the coconut oil on their skin. It’s helping in lightening the warts.

Type Of Warts:

There are three kind of warts:

* Plantar Warts:

They usually appear in soles of the feet and they are light brown in color with clotted blood vessels.

* Genital Warts:

They appear in pubic area and they are pink or red in color. They are very tiny and difficult to see ad they spread rapidly over the skin. They start from the 2-3 tiny dots.

* Flat Warts:

This is very among the children and may appear on the face and legs. They are smoother, flatter and smaller in size. Flat warts are very common in females too.

History Of Using Coconut Oil

The method is generated by some doctors who were doing research over coconut oil and it’s uses on skin. We can’t give credit to any one doctor because the research work was done by the team of doctors. As coconut oil is healthy for the skin and we can logically say that we can use coconut oil on the face to cure any skin problem effectively. Coconut oil helps in curing skin problems and still doctors recommend coconut oil for the cure of warts because this is a proven method to cure warts.

These methods are very essential and helpful in curing the skin diseases such as warts. These skin problems which spread very quickly in the body accelerate because of the coconut oil. They slow down the production of multiplying infection and coconut oil starts curing the skin with no side effect. The only reason why people like to use natural oil is because of no side effect. Coconut oil brings the shining of the face back and you can see the tone lightening as well. You can drink the oil as well but in a normal quantity. This is the natural way to cure the warts and it’s better way to cure the skin as compared to the artificial chemicals and cream which may cause damage to your skin.

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